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Bridge is a fantastic card game played by countless people across the globe. This simple app is the scorecard you can always have in your pocket. With built-in calculation all you have to do is set the contract and declare how the hand ended. The app does all the rest.

- Both duplicate and rubber bridge
- Full display of a working rubber
- Calculations include all bonuses (Game, Slam, Honour etc.)
- Rubber completion bonus
- Choose from North/South, We/They and Us/Them

NOTE: Bridge Scorecard does not yet implement Chicago scoring.

The scorecard in your pocket

Both duplicate and rubber bridge

Bridge1 Bridge2

Set your contract

Complete the hand

Bridge3 Bridge4

Change your display

North/South, We/They, Us/Them

Bridge5 Bridge6
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The privacy policy and terms and conditions for the Bridge Scorecard app can be found here.