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Chess Timer Extra provides a feature-rich game timer which is only a tap away.

With four tournament presets and a selection of speed and blitz countdown options this app is always ready for any length of game. When using one of the tournament presets the timer will count the moves made and ensure that each player adheres to the rules for each time segment.

Want to play a full FIDE tournament, a two-minute blitz or a one-minute hourglass? This timer is ready.

With the custom speed chess timing option you can set any length of time, as well as adding time for each move made.

Full feature list:
- Four tournament modes:
- 120'/40 moves, 60' to end with 30" increment per move
- FIDE world championship (100'/40 moves, 50'/20 moves, 15' to end with 30@ increment per move
- FIDE world cup (90'/40 moves, 30' to end with 30" increment per move)
- 60'/40 moves, 15' to end with 30" increment per move
- All tournament modes check move counts and calculate end of game time based on move count and increment
- Selection of preset speed timings
- Selection of hourglass speed timings
- Selection of above speed timings with increments per move
- Custom option to allow speed chess from 1 to 60 minutes with move increments from 0 to 60 seconds
- Simply tap screen to make a move
- Pause button to allow players to make a cup of tea
- Selection of which side of the screen is playing white

Simple layout

Simply tap the screen to record the move

Chess Timer 1 Chess Timer 2

Timing options

Many preset options, including four tournament modes

Chess Timer 3 Chess Timer 4

Accurate timing

Timings calculated from start of game to ensure accuracy

Chess Timer 5 Chess Timer 6
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