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Crib Board is the wooden scoreboard that you can carry with you everywhere. With an on-screen representation of the board and easy entry of each score it is the same as the real thing - without having to find the dropped pegs in the carpet.

Fifteen-two, fifteen-four, two is six and one-for-his-nob.

- Selection of wooden backgrounds
- Two board types: Standard and Spiral
- 61 or 121 point games
- Selection of different player pegs
- Easy-set buttons to make scoring easy
- Undo of last score
- Ability to enter player names

Selecting boards

Choose from standard or spiral boards

Spiral Standard

Easy-score buttons

Swift entry of player's score

Buttons 1 Buttons 2

Selection of pegs

Choose a peg type for each player

Configuration Pegs
In a gentle way, you can shake the world
Mahatma Gandhi

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