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Life Total provides a simple and novel way to track each player’s health in a two-player game.

Each player has a starting health value and a selected avatar picture. As their health decreases so the avatar image fades and a skull image shows through. Additionally a player can become ‘poisoned’. The more poison added, the ‘greener’ the image becomes.

- Comes with a selection of avatar images
- Avatar images can be added from the camera roll
- Skull images are selected randomly each game
- Starting health value can be changed from 1 to 100
- Poison death value can be changed from 1 to 100

Selecting Images

Each player can select an avatar or load their own from the camera roll

Standard App Image selector

Changing life values

Easy-set buttons allow each players life to be changed quickly

Buttons 1 Buttons 2

Skulls appear

As life drops so the skulls begin to appear

Skulls 1 Skulls 2


Starting life and poison death can all be changed

Setting 1 Setting 2
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The privacy policy and terms and conditions for the Life Total app can be found here.