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Mahjong is a fantastic game that is relatively easy to pick up, but can become very complex when it comes time to 'settle up'. This little app makes that process so much easier.

Simply enter your player names, choose which wind they are and get playing. At the end of each round select the winner and complete the scoring wizard for each player.

The full scoring method is provided below, but the app is designed to hide this from the player. Just select what each completed hand contains (or whether it is a special hand) and the app works out the rest.
- Starting score range from 4000 to 8000 points
- Hand limit selection of either 500 or 1000 points
- Normal and Special Hands
- Easy selection of each scoring item
- Summary for each player
- East wind can move around the table
- Easy selection of the wind of the round
- Exchange of points with one tap

Easy to use

All scoring displayed on one screen

Mahjong1 Mahjong2

Hand wizard

Swift entry of player's hand

Mahjong3 Mahjong4

Normal and Special Hands

Includes a list of the most common special hands

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Scoring Calculation

There are many different ways to score the game Mahjong. This app uses the following method to calculate a player's score. Additional special hands can be added on request. Those below have been chosen because of their popularity in casual games. All hands are restricted to the 'limit', selected in the settings screen. The exceptions to this are all the special hands when the player also has flowers and seasons. Their points are added to the special hand value.
Minor Pung Exposed: 2 points
Minor Pung Concealed: 4 points
Major Pung Exposed: 4 points
Major Pung Concealed: 8 points
Pair of Dragons: 2 points
Pair of Own Wind: 2 points
Pair of Prevailing Wind: 2 points
Flowers & Seasons:
Each Flower/Season: 4 points
Own Flower/Season: 1 double
All Flowers: 2 doubles
All Seasons: 2 doubles
Special Hands Note: Flowers and seasons points and doubles are added to the special hand value.
Limit Special Hands (score 40% limit when fishing):
Buried Treasure
Imperial Jade
Heads and Tails
Three Great Scholars
All Winds and Dragons
Four Blessings Hovering Over the Door
Fourfold Plenty
The Gates of Heaven
The Wriggling Snake
The 13 Unique Wonders
Heaven's Blessing
Earth' Blessing
Gathering the Plum Blossom from the Roof
Plucking the Moon from the Bottom of the Sea
Twoflod Fortune
Minor Kong Exposed: 8 points
Minor Kong Concealed: 16 points
Major Kong Exposed: 16 points
Major Kong Concealed: 32 points
Pung/Kong of Own Wind: 1 double
Pung/Kong of Prevailing Wind: 1 double
Pung/Kong of Dragons: 1 double
Going Mahjong: 20 points
Drawn from Wall: 2 points
No chows: 1 double
One Suit With Honours: 1 double
One Suit Only (Purity): 3 doubles
All Major Tiles: 1 double
From Loose Tile: 1 double
From Last Tile: 1 double
From Final Discard: 1 double
From Robbing the Kong: 1 double
Original Call: 1 double
Half Limit Special Hands (score 20% limit when fishing):
All Pair Honours
Triple Knitting

The privacy policy and terms and conditions for the Mahjong Scorecard app can be found here.