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Fill your spare time with the endless scavenger hunt Thing Bingo. This simple app presents you with a list of things to find and congratulates you when they are all ticked off. Choose Transport if you are in the car, Home if it's a rainy day or Office if the boss isn't watching. For the ultimate challenge choose All and try to tick off 25 objects ranging from a pencil and chairs to airships and printers.

- Five categories: Things, Home, Office, Transport and All (for the ultimate Thing Bingo)
- Three different board sizes: 25, 16 and 9
- No time limit to allow for long journeys or hunts around the house
- Replace option to randomly fill a new board
- Over 300 different objects to find

The ultimate scavenger hunt

Find all sorts of things at home, in the car or at the office

Bingo1 Bingo2

Different board sizes

You choose the category and how many things to find

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